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Collective bargaining in Lithuania: current situation and priorities

Collective bargaining is on the rise due to the new Labour Code but it does not reach ... more

ETUC supports collective bargaining in Latvia

The ETUC Executive Committee supports sectorial collective bargaining and autonomy of ... more

A small victory: Lithuanian minimum monthly wage reaches 430

Determined joint efforts and well-argued position of Lithuanian Trade Unions led to ... more

LPSK supports OPZZ

The Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK) supports the demonstration “Poland Needs a Pay Rise” which is organized by the ... more

Baltic Trade Union Youth Forum 2018

Prepared by Roman Zaytsev, EAKL 2018-09-08/10 Baltic Trade Union Youth Forum was held in Latvia, Cesis. The event had young trade ... more

Lithuanian trade unions negotiate for a higher raise of the minimum monthly wage

Currently the Lithuanian minimum monthly wage for the next year is being negotiated ... more

ETUC supports Ryanair workers

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) supports the striking workers in Ryanair and their trade union organizations. ... more

Lithuania adopted a new tax and pension reform

At the end of June, the Lithuanian Parliament voted and approved a new tax and ... more

Involving trade unions in climate action to build a just transition

A guide to a ‘just transition’ to a low carbon economy is published by the European ... more

I. Ruginiene is the new chairwoman of the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation

The 11th May brought many surprises to the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation. ... more