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Trade unions meet Barnier on workers’ rights under Brexit

On Thursday 8 March EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier will discuss Brexit with ... more

NFU: Breakthrough in Estonia

After months of difficult negotiations EFL, the finance sector union in Estonia, signed an agreement with Luminor, the country’s ... more

Černiauskas: „Work with the new Labour Code is our priority“

In the beginning of  the new year we speak with the president of the Lithuanian Trade ... more

Minimum consumption rate established by the Seimas

The Seimas established a new reference rate for the calculation of social security ... more

ETUC: Good social pillar – now implement it

“Signing the European Pillar of Social Rights must be the starting gun of a race to ... more

Outcomes of the 5th PERC Youth Conference and elections

The Conference elected the 5th PERC Youth Committee in accordance with the Terms of ... more

Lithuania’s National Agreement hints of higher salaries in exchange for lower labor taxes

Lithuania’s government, business representative and trade unions on October ... more

PERC Youth Committee is concerned with the situation in Croatia

PERC Youth Committee is deeply concerned with the situation around the labour rights ... more

CETA – starts tomorrow

Tomorrow, Thursday 21 September, the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) will be provisionally applied: ... more

New Labour Code in Lithuania: Issues with a right to strike

Initiation of strikes is a right of trade unions. It is enough, if  ¼ of trade union’ ... more