Invitation to a Rally and March on October 13th in Vilnius

In solidarity with all European trade unions protesting against the impending severe austerity measures and “freezing” of wages, three trade union centers (Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation, “Solidarity,” Republican United Trade Union) are organizing a protest action in Vilnius.

Recently, corporate profits and dividend amounts have been setting records across Europe, contributing to the rise in inflation, while wages are not increasing at the same pace. Moreover, the interest rates imposed by the European Central Bank are impoverishing those dependent on loans, while banks are generating tremendous profits. What is more, we are warned that tough times are coming, and a strict austerity regime might be implemented.

The public sector, already burdened by various reforms, suffers particularly, and without investments in people, these reforms only bring even greater burdens to workers. Nothing is being done about the unfair tax system, where the highest earners enjoy low taxes or even try to evade them while the hardworking people carry the majority of the tax burden.

As a result, all of us suffer, lacking accessible education, healthcare, social, municipal, and transportation services. Although we pay disproportionately high taxes, we are required to pay extra for essential public services.

Only through united resistance can we show the government that we do not always want to be sacrificial lambs who can suffer while the top 1 percent continues to thrive.

We invite everyone to join the protest on October 13th at 12 PM. We will gather at Cathedral Square and a march will proceed towards the Parliament, where a rally will take place.

We demand:

  • Higher wages
  • Lower workloads
  • Tax justice
  • Accessible public services
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