About LPSK

The Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK) is the biggest trade union centre in Lithuania. At the moment it comprises 24 branches of trade unions. LPSK was set up on 1st May 2002 after the merger between two trade union centres: Lithuanian Trade Union Unification (LPSS) and Lithuanian Trade Union Centre (LPSC).

Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation is independent organization from government and managing authorities, from employers and their organizations and also from public organizations and movements.

LPSK is a member of International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and cooperates with International Labour Organization (ILO).


To join and protect Lithuanian trade unions and to influence Governmental institutions on labour and social issues.


  • On national level to join, support and coordinate the actions of LPSK members at branch and regional level, to protect the rights and legitimate interests of trade union members, to seek to influence the government policy and employers activity on labour, economic and social issues.
  • To represent LPSK and trade union members solving social, economic and labour issues with state institutions, employers and their organizations.
  • To promote solidarity in setting united policy of trade unions in Lithuania and to represent Lithuanian trade unions worldwide.
  • To promote social partnership with employers and their organizations.


  • To represent and defend the rights of trade union members.
  • To inform trade union members and society about the trade unions objectives and activity through mass media.
  • Actively participate in tripartite coordination of interests and cooperation, solving social, economic and labour issues.
  • To participate in Tripartite Council of the Republic of Lithuania, seek beneficial annual three-sided agreements for employees.
  • Actively participate in solving social and labour issues and disputes.
  • To promote social dialog, initiate bilateral collective agreements with employers’ organizations.
  • Training of trade union representatives and employees; periodically organize conferences, seminars, forums etc.
  • To promote establishment of LPSK regional structures.
  • To promote LPSK Youth and Women’s Board activity.
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