A small victory: Lithuanian minimum monthly wage reaches 430

Determined joint efforts and well-argued position of Lithuanian Trade Unions led to an increase of minimum monthly wage up to 430 EUR as opposed to the 420 initially suggested by the Lithuanian government.

This result was achieved after complicated negotiations in the Tripartite Council of the Republic of Lithuania.

Despite this victory, the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LTUC/LPSK) considers the raise of minimum monthly wage as too low. Currently, it does not guarantee a decent living in the country. Many Lithuanians face the so-called in-work poverty. In comparison to other member states of the European Union, our minimum monthly wage is one of the lowest.

Having that in mind, LPSK argues that it should have been raised at least by 50 EUR. In that case, the minimum monthly wage would amount 50% of the average wage in Lithuania. We are strongly committed to continue working towards achieving this number during the next negotiations with our social partners in 2019”, says Inga Ruginiene, president of the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation.

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