The BASTUN autumn meeting and the World Day for Decent Work

The Baltic Sea Trade Union Network (BASTUN) autumn meeting is on its way! On October 7 – the World Day for Decent Work – trade union leaders and experts are meeting at a virtual conference to discuss the main challenges in the Baltic Sea region and renew the Network’s strategy in the world after the pandemic.

If you care about workers’ rights and further development of the region, you are invited to join a live-streamed event on „Facebook“ or “Youtube” and get all news directly!

The event will start at 9 am (CET) with a greeting of the former president of the Baltic Sea Trade Union Network, the leader of the Danish Trade Union Confederation Lizette Risgaard.

It will be followed by the first session “Covid-19 crisis and the Baltic Sea Region”, which will be opened by Inga Ruginienė, the current President of the BASTUN and the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation. After the introductory speech two experts Christophe André, the Senior Economist in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Economics Department, and Pierre Habbard, the General Secretary of the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD, will present a more extensive analysis of the current situation and its potential consequences to workers and trade unions.

The second session will consist of trade union interventions – its goal is to share first-hand experiences from different countries, how social dialogue and tripartite agreements were used to tackle the ongoing crisis on a national level. The speakers include Inga Ruginienė (LPSK, Lithuania), Heidi Rønne (FH, Denmark), Pekka Ristekä (SAK, Finland), dr. Adam Rogalewski (OPZZ, Poland), Christophe André (OECD), and Pierre Habbard (TUAC).

The final session will be dedicated to the Global deal and Decent Work. The introductory speech will be addressed by Veronica Nilsson, the Head of the Global Deal Support Unit in the OECD. It will be followed by three interventions: the speakers will be Sofia Vahlne, the Head of People Strategy and Global Labour Relations in “Scania”, Lisa Lorentzon, the Chairperson of the Union for University Graduates in “Scania”, Peggy Hessen Følsvik, the Vice President of the LO-Norway, and Magnus Gissler, the General Secretary of the NFS.

The public part of the event is planned to take two hours. It will be followed by internal discussions of the BASTUN members.

We want to remind you, the Baltic Sea Trade Union Network represents 11 million trade union members. It is a forum where the trade unions of the Baltic Sea Region exchange information and discuss and define common interests. The network aims at political and social influencing, coordinates joint projects, and raises issues related to the Baltic Sea Region within the international trade union family.

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