LPSK supports Ukrainian trade unions

The Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK) supports Ukrainian trade unions in their fight against a new draft law on labour, which will strip workers of legal protections and unions of their ability to protect them.

In solidarity with Ukrainian workers, their representatives and many other trade unions from various countries, LPSK has sent a letter to the Ukrainian government inviting to rethink its neoliberal plans, which – no doubt – would hurt local workers.

According to the Ukrainian trade unions, there was no consultation with workers’ representatives due to preparing the draft law and the government has refused to seek the assistance of the International Labour Organization, “no doubt because the draft law breaches several ILO conventions”.


If you want to know more, please find more details below:

LPSK letter_New draft_Labour law_Page 1 LPSK letter_New draft_Labour law_Page 2
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