LPSK joined the Climate week!

The Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK) participated in the global climate action week to put pressure on politicians to deliver urgent solutions to the worsening climate crisis. 

LPSK answered the call of the European Trade Union Confederation, which pledged its support for the global climate strike and just transition (moving to a carbon-neutral economy in a way that’s fair to people working in industries that will be required to change).

“LPSK supported and took part in the climate week events, organized by young activists, in Lithuania. We actively communicated about this topic via our channels and tried to build awareness regarding this crucial challenge. Also, we sent our position to media and explained, why we need to take urgent climate actions, how that will impact the world of work and how, working together, we could diminish negative consequences for workers and for humanity in general”, – explains Inga Ruginienė, the chairwoman of the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation.

She stresses, that climate mitigation and climate adaptation are getting increasingly important on the political agenda of trade unions around the world: “There are no jobs on a dead planet. Let’s work together to create a positive change and ensure a just transition”.


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