Outcomes of the 5th PERC Youth Conference and elections

The Conference elected the 5th PERC Youth Committee in accordance with the Terms of Reference,  and the voting resulted in the following composition:



Mr Roman Zaytsev, Estonia, EAKL


Ms Zhanna Abilova, Kazakhstan, FPRK

Mr Bruno Hoxha, Albania, BSPSH

Mr Alexander Nurik, Russia, KTR




Ms Nuray Agbaba, Turkey, Turk-IS

Mr Giga Bekauri, Georgia, GTUC

Mr Glib Kolesov, Ukraina, KVPU

Mr Vadim Mikhailov, Belarus, BKDP

Ms Gabriela Tricolici, Moldova, CNSM


Taking into account Luca Visentini’s  proposal and to stress that PERC Youth fully shares the concern that there is a lack of presence of the Western part of the region, the 4th PERC Youth Conference agreed on the following:

To be added  to the Terms of Reference:   2 additional quota seats  for underrepresented regions, to maintain the balance.  As in this situation  the EU part is underrepresented, to maintain these positions for EU.

Following the nomination by the  ŐGB, the Conference welcomed  Mr Sascha Ernszt, Federal Chair of the Austrian Trade Union Youth, as the  10th member of the 5th Youth Committee

As regards the  vacant position for the 11th member,  the PERC Youth Committee  got a mandate from the Conference to get in contact with the ETUC Youth Committee  to discuss common actions and to agree on the procedure  to fill this vacancy. To maintain the balance stated in the Terms of Reference,  this member should be a woman.

The PERC Youth Committee shall revise the Terms of Reference and submit a  proposal to  the Executive Committee meeting in March 2018.

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