Trade Union public action – 28th April

Lithuanian Trade Unions are inviting to organized public action “We demand pay rise, healthy and safe workplace” that will take place on 28th April, Friday 12am, beside Lithuanian Government building (Gedimino pr. 11, Vilnius).

We will begin at 11 am with picket at the organization that are representing the interest of employers offices.

Low wages and unfair redistribution of business profits – a permanent Lithuanian sore. The country’s gross domestic product is growing, but almost a third of Lithuanian are living at the risk of poverty! Growth in business income is hardly reflected in the employee’s salary.

As a result, Lithuanian trade unions support the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) initiative for “Europe – needs a pay rise. Time for our recovery. “

For thirteen years Lithuania is a part of EU, but still we don’t  live as Europeans. Exploitation of workers – a daily business practice. It is estimated that about 40 percent of workers are forced to work overtime. Even worse – with a fifth of them is not fairly settled!

To celebrate the World Health and Safety Day we will draw attention to workplace safety importance. Unfortunately, many employers in Lithuania do not pay enough attention to this issue. It should be stated that the safety and well-being is not among their priorities.

We do not want to put up with that, we don’t want the cheap Eastern European labor label!

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