LPSK Youth

Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK) Youth Centre is non-governmental (NGO), non-profit organisation, uniting all LPSK members till 35 years old. Youth Centre as set up on 1995 in Lithuanian Trade Union Unifications (LPSS). Sergejus Glovackas – was the author of this idea and first Chairperson of Youth Centre.

On 31st August – 31st September 2002 in Anykščiai held a first Youth Centre conference after establishment of LPSK. During the conference youth adopted Youth Centre regulation and elected Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson. In LPSK Council of representatives it was requested from the branch leaders to nominate one member into Youth Centre Council.


  • To represent youth trade union members in all levels, protect there interests in national authority, state institutions and collective agreements.
  • To influence creation of law and legal acts important for youth.
  • To organize youth education on: legal, social, economical and cultural questions.
  • To search and further cooperate with related youth organisations both in Lithuania and abroad.
  • To help realize themselves in the different areas.
  • To recruit working youth in trade unions.

Directions of activities

  • Organising meetings, seminars, forums, during which youth is educated on different questions and similarly other cultural, sport, mass events.
  • Publicize and tackle trade union youth problems.
  • Spread the information on Youth Centre activities and objectives.

Youth Centre members are invited in many international conferences, seminars and camps: sub-regional (Poland and Baltic states) meetings, Baltic Forums, Central and Eastern international conferences.

Chairperson, vice-chairperson is elected and regulation is adopted by LPSK Youth Centre conference. Council of Youth Centre consists of delegated, youth representatives, from twenty-six LPSK affiliated trade unions. Council meetings are legal if in meeting are no less than half Council members, the decision is taken by a majority of votes. Council meetings are take place not rather then once a month.

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