A. Černiauskas: „We invite all lithuanian trade unions to consult“

Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation sees a necessity to invite all concerned trade unions to discuss and coordinate a common opinion about the new Labour Code for the Tripartite Council.

The ruling majority of the Seimas has emphasized, that the reached consensus among representatives of the trade unions and employers will become amendments of the Labour Code. Because the previous government ignored such agreements, trade unions hoped, that finally this flawed practice will cease.

Sadly, the current government did not stop to interfere and try to shape its desired opinion in the Tripartite Council. We had an opportunity to witness that during the last meeting on 11 January. There was a commanding suggestion to include some particular organisations to the Tripartite Council.

The trade unions see that as a violation of democratic principles of representation.

We, Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation, understanding the importance of solidarity and talking with one voice, decided before every meeting in the Tripartite Council to organize discussions with all concerned trade unions of Lithuania.

The next meeting of the Tripartite Council is planned on 24 January in the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.

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