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LPSK‘s position on the new Labour Code in Lithuania

After an adoption of the new Labour Code the current situation in Lithuania is not ... more

Trade unions to fight for a stronger European Pillar of Social Rights

European trade unions today resolved to call on the European Commission, national ... more

The ETUC ‘Rome Declaration’

Declaration adopted by ETUC Extraordinary Enlarged Steering Committee in Rome on 29-31 May 2017 It is ten years since the ... more

Seimas adopted a new labour code

The Seimas adopted amendments to the new Labour Code and the accompanying legislation due to come into force on 1 July 2017. The ... more

ITUC: Investment in climate action is an imperative to secure jobs and a sustainable future

Following the announcement by the President Trump that the US would withdraw from ... more

Seimas amended the arrangements for entry of employees from third countries into Lithuania

The Seimas adopted amendments to the Law on the Legal Status of Aliens (draft No ... more

Trade Union public action – 28th April

Lithuanian Trade Unions are inviting to organized public action “We demand pay rise, healthy and safe workplace” that will take ... more

After Brexit: Prioritising A Social Europe

If it were only a question of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, one could take a more relaxed view of Brexit. Decision-making ... more

A. Černiauskas: „We invite all lithuanian trade unions to consult“

Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation sees a necessity to invite all concerned trade ... more

Fewer Routine Jobs But More Routine Work

In the digital age, there are fewer routine jobs because of a higher risk of automation. But a great paradox of this age is this: ... more